Tried out a 300 f/4 today. Was looking at an old, used copy but it seemed to be in pretty good shape. Tossed it on my camera and was immediately urged to go outside by the sales person. This lady just happened to be standing at a nearby bus stop. I don’t think she approved_YLW5703Altsmall

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First day back shooting in Ottawa. Already off to a great start. My friend Alex Brault called me up to shoot a model he knows named Anastasia. Came together, braved some cold outside, and rocked a solid little shoot in his apartment.


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Sheldon & Maverick

My buddy Maveric got in touch with me a little while ago about taking some pictures for his personal training business. These are the portraits I chose to do on the side_YLW5267small_YLW5274small_YLW5244small

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People Without Faces

Just the outtakes from the last shoot. I think I’m going to be adding to this…_YLW4716small _YLW4709small

Kristian & The Honey Slides

I’ve been working on a documentary with these guys for most of the summer. Was nice to finally get a chance to focus on some stills. Here are Kristian and The Honey Slides, with Kevin “Red” Butler and Stuart Retallack_YLW4723small _YLW4707small _YLW4814smallKevinPano1smallStuPano1small _YLW4904small


I’ve been spending every Sunday with these guys for the past couple months at BATL. It’s an axe throwing league… Imagine darts, but with axesBowiesmall_YLW4075small_YLW4154small_YLW4114small_YLW4136small_YLW4096smallAxeWomenPanosmall_YLW4054small(2)_YLW4255small_YLW4298small